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Pear Deck Logo and Color Pallet

Pear Deck Identity

The number one question people have about Pear Deck is “Why the Pear?” The answer: We wanted to create a unique brand in a K-12 education space filled with people who use words like assessment, differentiation, twenty-first century skills, and PowerPoint.

Pears are sweet, fun, and good for you. The brand strives to represent the mentality we hope to foster in K-12 classrooms.

Fun Pears
See what I mean? It's fun.
Pear Deck Home Page

Pear Deck Website

The latest iteration of the Pear Deck website is designed to capitalize on what our users want to do (try the product) while driving them quickly to Pear Deck's “ah-ha!” moment (experiencing students joining and participating in a presentation).

The website is a constantly evolving project, as we react not only to incoming data but also advances in our product and sales processes. Feel free to explore the entire site here.

Pear Deck Feature Page
Pear Deck Feature Page Footer

Pear Deck Videos

We use video at Pear Deck to communicate a range of topics, from basic introductions to complex use cases. For the majority of our videos, I spend time coordinating voice talent, creating motion graphics, and editing the final result.

Sample Videos

Pear Deck Web App

I spend a majority of my time designing and doing front-end development on the Pear Deck Web App. From initial sketches to interactive prototype building, to user testing, to working with the product team on maintainable markup and style, I'm involved in every step.

Pear Deck is free for 30 days, create an account and test drive it yourself.


Invision Prototype
Final Implementation
Sample Email

Pear Deck Email Marketing

Designing and building an automated email campaign is a necessary evil for effective web app marketing. You know what I mean by “evil” if you've ever tried coding even simple HTML emails.

I developed an automated build process to make the process less painful when new emails and email templates are needed.

Pear Deck Investor Pitch

I co-authored and developed visuals for our investor pitch, which won first prize at Rise of the Rest at SXSW 2015. This prize came with a $250,000 investment from AOL Founder Steve Case. Track to 2:15:30 on the Google Demo Day 2015 video to see the entire 5 minute presentation.


Investor Packet

Pear Deck Investor Packet

For a startup, communicating effectively with investors can be as important as communicating with customers. I helped author and design this 22 page booklet to deliver our pitch when we aren't there in person. The information within the packet is primarily confidential, but I'd be happy to share a redacted document in person.